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So I did the thing and made one finally


Does this count as a selfie?
I don’t know what I’m doing
I sent this to a friend and kinda liked how it came out

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"Yep, mute, no voice box for me, ehehe"

"Oh…I’m sorry…" The pinkette frowned slightly in response as she scratched the back of her head. "At least you have a way to communicate, then…And you have a much prettier handwriting than I do…" She said with a sigh, and then blinked. "Ah, well either way, if you want help closing up, I’m okay with that!"

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"But you are cute! Admit it!” 

Just hearing the girl speak made Haze jump back a little. But even with that, it wasn’t going to stop him from making people feel better. No matter how many times he fails, Haze wasn’t going to let anyone go with a frown on their faces. 

But just as the cheerful twin was about to retort, Leon decided to interrupt him, by popping up in front of the girl’s face, giving a cool look on his face. 


"You do look like you were about to kill my twin because of a compliment. But after seeing you blush like now, I thought otherwise." he said, blinking as he started to smile a bit.

When Haze jumped back, the female quirked an eyebrow, and huffed at the comment, her cheeks flushed a little more red. “I-I am not!” She snapped in response, although then the other male stepped up directly in front of her.

The action caused her to take a swift step backwards. “W-What?” She squeaked and blinked a bit, that blush still on her features. She looked away, to the side, and huffed in response to his comment. “I-I’m not blushing!” The weapon fumed.